Torah Lishmah Institute

The Torah Lishmah Institute was founded in 1983 by Rabbi Nachman Cohen, who serves as its director. It is a research institute, a kolel without walls, for the publication of material on Talmudic jurisprudence and Jewish thought.

Utilizing scholars both in this country and Israel, the Institute has embarked upon a multi-pronged program to serve scholar and layman alike. Moreover, through its teachings and writings, it seeks to advance unity and harmony within the Jewish community.

Master a Mesikhta Series Projects

Master a Mesikhta Series

This series opens up the world of the Talmud and its commentaries to the English speaking public. It allows the reader the rare opportunity to follow the raging Rabbinic debates and the progression of Jewish law throughout the millennia. More than a mere translation, it provides the tools to truly master the Talmud. In fact, each volume contains such an abundance of both basic and in-depth information that seasoned scholars find it helpful for both review and as a reference tool. While each tractate is dealt with in a manner unique to its character, each volume contains background material, outlines, and overviews of the Talmudic discussion and a digest of its commentaries and legal codifiers--from Rashi to the Chazzon Ish.

Charts are used when appropriate. To date, Tractates Berakhos, Pesachim, Rosh haShana, Ta'anis, Nedarim, Bava Basra, Sanhedrin, and Tamid have been published. Tractates Beitza and Sukkah are in preparation.

Master the Midrash Series

The soul of Judaism is to be found in the Midrash. Yet the Rabbis constructed the Midrash so that its secrets would not be easily revealed. In its seminal work, the Institute has just published Mirrors of Eternity. In this work, through analyzing the disputes between R. Yehuda and R. Nechemia, two disciples of R. Akiva, the author reveals the differing views these rabbis had of Creation, Adam, the ancient world, the role of the diaspora, and man's quest for perfection. Moreover, this study shows that the Midrashic interpretations of verses are not arrived at arbitrarily, but are compelled by basic axioms held by its author. At present, a volume is being prepared on the Midrashic interpretations of R. Meir, another of R. Akiva's disciples.

Talmudic Disputes

Another project which the Institute has undertaken is a systematic study of Talmudic disputes. The Rabbis maintain that all of the views expressed in the Talmud are legitimate, stem from Sinai, and if understood properly, form a unified whole. The intention is to explicate this on a case by case basis. By then incorporating this approach into yeshiva education, it is hoped that the students will learn to love and respect those who hold different halakhic views, since they will realize that these other views also stem from Sinai. The Institute is presently preparing for publication a volume on the disputes of Beis Shammai and Beis Hillel.

Concepts in Talmud Series

The Institute is soon to launch a Concepts in Talmud Series. The series will concentrate on the Talmudic views of scientific, ethical and psychological topics.

First to be published is a work on the Rabbinic notion of "time" and its impact upon modern physics.

Books Torah Lishmah Institute is also an educational resource center for Jewish education. Two very well received works in this area are Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Beyond and A Time For All Things.

The Institute serves as consultant to both individual schools and national agencies.

Inquiries concerning the work of the Institute are welcomed.

You can order any of the books mentioned here directly on-line or print out and send the order form to the Institute.

About the Director

Rabbi Nachman Cohen, Director of Torah Lishmah Institute, is the Spiritual Leader of Young Israel Ohab Zedek, of North Riverdale/Yonkers, and Chairman of the Board of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists. He has been a Dean and Rosh Yeshiva for over 30 years. He founded the New England Academy of Torah in Providence, Rhode Island and served as Menahel of Mesivta Ohr Torah and Shaare Torah High School.

As an educational consultant for Torah Umesorah, The National Society for Hebrew Day Schools, Rabbi Cohen developed the National Basic Achievement Examination and spearheaded the Common Mesikhta Project.

Rabbi Cohen, who studied in Mesivta Torah Vodaath and Yeshivas Karlin Stolin, received an Sc.M. in Physics from Brown University and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston University.

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You can order any of the books mentioned here directly on-line or print out and send the order form to the Institute.