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Beged Ivri is the Levitical Ministry, established in 1983, for the research and restoration of ancient Israelite customs in preparation for rebuilding the Holy Third Temple in Jerusalem.

On the First of Adar we make proclamation
concerning the shekel (Mishna Shekalim 1:1).
Beged Ivri is proud to announce the launch
of our new website!

We invite everyone to sponsor a soldier in the IDF with a pure silver Holy Half Shekel. Please visit the site and join us on Facebook at FBI- Friends of Beged Ivri.

At this site you will find information and links relating to all aspects pertaining to the restoration of native Israelite culture and Judaica:

Also at this site you will find information on the various organizations involved in restoration efforts, an update page, information for ordering various products, for making contributions, and a volunteers page.

We welcome you to Jerusalem and look foward to bringing you the unfolding process of Redemption as it plays out in the alleys and byways of the Holy City.

You can purchase many of the fine Judaica items that you see on this site from us via mail order. Please refer to our catalogue.

We can be reached, by e-mail, at

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