Hand-painted Silk Chupah

We will custom design your dream Chupah incorporating any motif you desire or choose from our beautiful designs. Measuring 72" x 80" or less if you so desire, the Chupoth are finished with rings on the corners for easy fastening to poles, and can include Tzitzith if you like.

Price $750

Shipping & handling $12.00

To order, please send your order to reuven@actcom.com


We are proud to present all eleven spices of the Incense as essential oils, in 1/8 ounce flasks, individually bottled. Available as a set of 11 with a beautiful hand made fine wood display rack in the shape of a Menorah, or individually, these spices are perfect for use in Havdallah or for educational purposes.

  • Set of 11 spices - $140
  • wooden rack - $25
  • individual bottles - $14

Shipping & handling for individual bottles, 1st $3.00; each additional $1.00
Shipping & handling for set of 11, without rack $8.00, with rack $15.00

To order, please send your order to reuven@actcom.com

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