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Protexsia Plus+, Your Super 'Concierge' of Israel
Tel: (+972)-2-566-3641, Mobile Phone: (+972)-50-291-629, e-mail:
Protexsia Plus+ was created to service the traveller to Israel before they leave their home around the world. All 'concierge' styled services are offered in advance to the tourist, family, or corporate personnel from airport pickup, cellular phone, apartment rentals, custom tour guiding, and arrangements for the traveller so that their stay in Israel is hassle-free and organized before they land in Israel!

Star Laundry
27 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem -- right near the major hotels
Tel: (+972)-2-566-9434, (+972)-50-598-051
Free pick-up and delivery


Currency, Travellers' Checks and Credit Cards -- Israel's basic unit of currency is the New Israeli Shekel (or Sheqel), N.I.S. for short. As of 3rd June, 2005 Israel's representative (average) exchange rates are (approximately):

1 U.S. Dollar . . . 4.41
1 Pound Sterling . . . 8.02
1 Swiss Franc . . . 3.52
1 French Franc . . . 0.84
1 Deutsche Mark . . . 2.84
1000 Italian Lira . . . 2.87
1 Canadian Dollar . . . 3.53
1 Australian Dollar . . . 3.33
100 Japanese Yen . . . 4.08
1 Euro . . . 5.41

The N.I.S. is considered a solid currency, and from May, 1998, is traded internationally. Annual inflation is running at around 2-3%.

The N.I.S. is divided into 100 agarot (ag.). The 1 N.I.S. coin is small and silverish, about the size of a US dime. The smallest denomination coin in use today is the 5 ag. piece, gold in color and about the same size. The 10 ag. piece is also gold colored and about the size of a US nickel. The 50 ag. coin is also gold in color and about the size of a US quarter. There is also a N.I.S. 5 coin and a N.I.S. 10 coin. Shekel notes come in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. A new series of notes was issued early in 1999.

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Upon leaving Israel, you can convert N.I.S.'s at Ben-Gurion airport or the Port of Haifa.

Money can be changed at Ben-Gurion Airport upon arrival. Throughout the country, money can be changed at local bank branches, for which you pay a small fee. The same is true for many hotels and hostels. Licensed moneychangers can today be found all over the country, where currency can be exchanged with commission.

Although less convenient than cash, travellers' checks are certainly a lot safer. The more widely recognized travellers' checks in Israel are issued by American Express, Citicorp, Visa, Bank of America, Thomas Cook and Barclays Bank. In Israel, as throughout the world, you will probably need to show your passport when cashing a travellers' check.

Major credit cards are recognized in Israel, including Visa Card, American Express, Diner's Card and MasterCard.

If you run out of cash, you can wire for more through your credit card company, American Express, Barclays Discount Bank or the Post Office.