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We all have to spread each other's Torah if we are truly serving God, rather than our own egos. Please let us know what's available.

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  • The Bnei Noach Educational Development Group, headed by Pinchas Richard Wimberly, shares and develops information about Judaism's universal religion, the 7 Laws of Noach, with links to others working in the field, including TOP. Your input is welcome.
  • A Classification System for Libraries of Judaica including discussions by librarians who have used previous editions.
    In August 1997, the 3rd edition of "A Classification System For Libraries of Judaica" was published by Jason Aronson Inc.(New Jersey USA). The authors, David and Daniel Elazar (Rishon LeZion and Jerusalem) contend that there was and is a need for a classification system for libraries with Judaic collections to classify and arrange these collections according to Jewish concepts using Jewish thought and terminology. This is in contrast to the familiar classification schemes like Dewey and LC which incorporate the Bible, Judaism and Israel into a general, non-Jewish, world of knowledge without relating the Biblical, Jewish and Zionist (Israel) subjects to each other in the spirit of Jewish Tradition.
  • Hazon - a spiritually and ethically oriented, serious Torah study program directed by Yosef Ben Shlomo HaCohen, a good guy
  • Rabbi Ari Kahn of Bar Ilan University, an ardent spokesman for religious Zionism amidst otherwise Shachian Aish HaTorah's Discovery Program, delivers a high level kabbalistically oriented overview of parashat hashavua; to get on his e-mail list, contact him at: akahn@aish.edu or Kahnar@ashur.cc.biu.ac.il
  • Machon Meir - a simple, down-to-earth, gung-ho, religious zionist weekly study, with a bit on the parsha and education - For some strange reason, their printed English study sheet carries only Hebrew mastheads. We have printed German translations of some of their studies
  • The Meru Project is based on 25 years of research by Stan Tenen into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters of the Hebrew text of Genesis.
  • OhrNet - a very non-zionist, but really attractive weekly Torah magazine, including audio lectures and music - great for kids! They do quote sources. For some strange reason, their printed magazine is also called OhrNet
  • Root & Branch - Divrei Torah and very diversified comments on current issues, mostly from a right wing political perspective, short and succinct, plus weekly schedule of jerusalem lectures; encourages interfaith and intrafaith dialogue, with a strong Noachide component.
  • Torah from Dixie - a refreshing, "with it" collection of Torah Miscellany
  • Torah Tidbits - a long synopsis of the weekly Torah reading, broken down by aliyot, plus occasional halachic pieces. Sources are not given, nor is there much integration with secular culture, other than science. Excellent for teenagers and not overly sophisticated family learning. Elaborate statistics on the number of letters, words, verses, etc appear each week. A product of the O-U, it reflects its down-to-earth, modern orthodox, baal habatish (bourgeois), religious zionist approach
  • Young Israel This site contains lots of info on the Young Israel Movement and very good parsha articles by various Y.I. rabbis.

  • The following links are from Google Ads.
    We have no control over the content.