1st Class Mezzuzahs
Chaim Peretz, Vitrage and silver Mezzuzot (Mezuzot,Mezzuzzot,Mezzuza,Mezzuzah,Mezzuzza,Mezzuzas,Mezzuzahs,Mezzuzzas)
Sarah Tamir -- Mezzuzot in Silver, Gems and Wood (Mezuzot,Mezzuzzot,Mezzuza,Mezzuzah,Mezzuzza,Mezzuzas,Mezzuzahs,Mezzuzzas) Avnei haHoshen, the 12 stones of the priestly Hoshen in Mezzuzot (Mezuzot,Mezzuzzot,Mezzuza,Mezzuzah,Mezzuzza,Mezzuzas,Mezzuzahs,Mezzuzzas) Yaacov Davidov, Master Gold and Silversmith makes exquisite Mezzuzot (Mezuzot,Mezzuzzot,Mezzuza,Mezzuzah,Mezzuzza,Mezzuzas,Mezzuzahs,Mezzuzzas)
Beautifully designed Mezzuzas (Mezzuzot or Mezzuzos) depending on your preference) to enhance the doorposts of any home, or the entrance to any house or public building, from a wide variety of renowned Israeli Judaica artists.