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Jews all over the world have been studying the Pentateuch (the Torah) in weekly portions for thousands of years. In modern times, tapes, videos, radio shows and, especially, weekly study sheets have enhanced what is probably the world's largest public study program.

Our particular studies are written from a truly traditional, yet modern and open, religious Zionist perspective. They include a synopsis of the entire portion and of the haftara, the accompanying prophetic reading, with comments of sages from all ages; there are also studies of each Jewish holiday. The studies are a good source for the teachings of my own teacher, Rabbi Dr. Joseph Soloveichik, on the Torah readings. Interspersed throughout the text are questions, comments and points of interface with modern thought and experience. Some basic realms are explored in separate articles. We hope you will gain from its perusal and we'd appreciate your comments; looseleaf and spiral bound books are available, covering the whole Torah and all the holidays.

You may read a synopsis and analysis of any Torah portion or holiday study by Yaakov Fogelman, whose lectures on Judaism and Zionism are available on audio and video cassettes. The studies are also available in Hebrew.

In addition, we have reintroduced our general studies, not specifically related to the weekly Torah portion or the holidays; they are now called Let's Learn!; in each issue, the Good Lord willing, we will discuss Nach (the Prophets), The Talmud, Jewish History and current events.

From here you can also search all the TOP studies on the israelVisit site.

To obtain our studies via e-mail, send e-mail to: top-request@shamash.org
You can reach Yaacov Fogelman on e-mail at top@actcom.co.il.

Extensive Torah Reading study sheets and video lectures on many Judaic subjects, as well as Jewish educational gifts and music, are available at TOP. Your purchases and donations enable us to continue our mission. The perspective is eclectic and holistic, but traditional -- that the written Torah is the word of God, much of the oral law is His explanation. Together with science, they comprise His factory authorized instruction manual for mankind.

Help support these studies and our other Jewish information projects--a complete set of the latest edition of our weekly & holiday torah reading studies or our monthly summaries and general studies is sent upon request with your donation of $36 or more-- $60 for a two volume spiral bound enlarged book of the torah studies (older loose-leaf editions are $18); both books on ibm or mac discs are $80. $250 funds an 8 page, $150 a 4 page, weekly study, in honor or memory of whomever you wish, $250 a monthly Jerusalem Jewish Voice. We seek major donors to sponsor Jewish information centers worldwide, including dedication of our Jerusalem center.

Visit our 900 year-young reading room and Jewish video center at 54 Chabad St., above the Cardo, in the old city of Jerusalem.

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